Dear artist! With this application you are becoming part of sub-cultural couch festival. It is unique experience, social- & artistic-wise. You will meet great artists, which will jam every evening together. You will be part of unusual events, which happen in people's personal spaces: offices, kitchens, bedrooms.
Before head, you have to know, that:
- events are performed in acoustic, intimate situations, without real technical background. You have to be self sufficient. At your show there will be 15-30 audience (in the evenings more).
- it is completely voluntary project, so all you get is a sleeping place, hat from your performances and food (breakfast and lunch).

Any questions, write:
- Andreja ( - coordination, venues
- Matija ( - programme

Here is application! See you!
Name of musician or team name: *
Description and type of performance: *
Number of team members: *
Name of team members: *
example: Nina Novak; Jack Berry; Björn Duckstorm
E-mail address: *
Tel. number: *
Include also + and country code. Don't use any other special character (space,"-","/"...) (example: +38631234567)
When can you perform? *
anytime this day
not this day
8.2.2020 (Maribor)
9.2.2020 (Maribor)
10.2.2020 (Maribor)
How many times would you like to perform in smaller place *
smaller place = flat, living room, small stage (aprox. 15-30 people)
How many times would you like to perform in bigger place *
bigger place = big stage, events hall, pub (aprox. 50-100 people)
Would you be willing to perform also outside Ljubljana if possible? *
In case of performing outside Ljubljana: Do you need us to arrange a transportation for you?
Clear selection
Special needs for food:
Web page with more info (link):
Band / team / personal URL (example:
Do you need accommodation in Ljubljana? *
Do you need accommodation in Ljubljana for the time of festival?
How many team members do need accommodation in Ljubljana *
When are you planning to arrive?
When are you planning to leave?
Do you want to add something?
Technical requirements, positive or negative feedback, message to organisers...
Very strict terms and conditions *
I agree that organiser can use and process all the data in this form for the needs of the sub-cultural Kavč Festival 2020 according to Slovenian law (based on EU regulations). During the event, I will do my best to be awesome and that others around me will feel awesome. Should I have any problem, need or piece of advice, I will discuss the matter with organiser and other participants. :)
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