Staff Complaints - MPGaming
When you're making a complaint:
- Put detail into the complaint so we're able to investigate it fully
- Give your ban ID so we're able to find your ban to look into the reasoning
- Be honest in your responses on this form since lying could result in your ban being extended
- Do not message Senior Staff about your ban or staff complaint after submitting unless you do not hear back after 3 days
- Do not give any abuse to the staff member who dealt with you since we will likely deny your complaint and extend your ban if you do so

You can use this form to complain about any staff member on MPGaming's platforms
What is your Discord name? *
What is the name of staff member you are reporting? *
If you have been banned, what is your ban ID? *
In detail, why are you reporting this staff member? *
What do you believe the staff member has done wrong? *
Thanks for your report
We will look into this complaint you have made and let you know the outcome of the complaint. Please be patient whilst we look into all different angles of the complaint to determine any wrongdoing. Please do not messsage Senior Staff to get this dealt with quicker since we have a backlog of officer & staff complaints to get through.

Many thanks
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