Community Feedback for Food Systems Fellowship (Information, Application, & Selection)
The Novak Family Foundation and the Community Foundation of Louisville are designing their first participatory grant making process. We believe that the people most impacted by the grant funding should play a significant role in designing a process for applying, selecting, and evaluating grant recipients. Food security is an important issue in our community that deserves a targeted strategy. Together we can form strategies for making the greatest impact on our community. We need your feedback to design a process that includes voices from all levels of the local food system.

Please use this form to give your feedback on the Food Systems Fellowship process. Each section of this form represents a part of the information packet, application, selection process, & expectations. Read the text in each section and then answer the questions for each section. Your feedback will be taken into account to finalize the process. If you agree with a section or don’t have any feedback, please type none in the space provided. It will take 30-45 minutes to complete. Please remember Google forms will not save your answers until you click submit at the end of the form.
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