Cookie Mill Pricing Guide 480-745-6050 Serving Gilbert, AZ & East Valley
Our custom sugar cookies are decorated with royal icing to match your party’s theme or corporate event. Starting at 30$ plus packaging and tax for basic minis and go up from there depending on size and complexity of design. We require a 2-dozen minimum per theme for all cookie packages and ask for a 2-week notice. If your desired date falls inside of two weeks please call the bakery at 480-745-6050 to check availability and rush pricing.
Classic shaped cookies such as circle, square, star, rectangle, hexagon, etc., one color, with or without sprinkles. No other upgraded elements are included in basic cookies package.
Each Dozen
Mini (up to 2”) $2.50. $30.00
Medium (2.5”-3.25”) $3.50. $42.00
Large (3.5”-5’). $4.50 $54.00

Include up to 3 specialty shapes per dozen, 3 -4 colors, with or without specialty sprinkles. Additional embellishments including airbrushing and minimal writing available.
Each Dozen
Mini (up to 2”). $3.50 $42.00
Medium (2.5”-3.25”). $4.50 $54.00
Large (3.5”-5”). $5.50 $66.00

Premium cookie packages include elaborate designs and characters with 4-5 specialty shapes, 5-8 colors with or without specialty sprinkles, all accessible embellishments may include airbrushing, fancy writing, metallic accents, fondant pieces, projected images, LOGOS and 1 designer 3D printed cookie cutter if needed.
Each Dozen
Medium (2.5”-3.25”) $5.50 $66.00
Large (3.5”-5”) $6.50 $78.00

Add-On “Google Review stars” or similar basic shape, 1-color minis- 12$ per dozen after a two dozen minimum has been met.
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