Atomic Host + Docker usage & installation survey
The Fedora Atomic WG is discussing making changes to how the docker container tools are installed on Atomic Host. Your survey responses will help us decide what changes the project needs to make. The detailed responses from your responses will be kept private, and used exclusively by the Fedora Atomic WG and Project Atomic contributors, and will not be shared with any other entity. Anonymous summary data may be published on the Project Atomic blog.

If you want to discuss this in detail, we recommend visiting #atomic on or the mailing list.

Which category best describes your current state of Atomic Host adoption? *
Which distributions of Atomic Host are you running, or evaluating running? Pick all that apply. *
Are you generally running the latest release/update for the above distributions? *
If not, which release are you running and why?
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Which version(s) of Docker are you running on Atomic Host? Check all that apply. *
If you run Docker, is it the built-in version that shipped with Atomic Host, or one you added yourself? *
What version of Docker do you expect/want to run on Atomic Host in the future? *
Do you expect/plan/want to run any alternate container runtimes (e.g. CRI-O, containerd, rkt) in the future?
Attitude towards replacing built-in Docker with one installed by System Container *
The Fedora Atomic WG is considering replacing the built-in version of docker on Atomic Host with one a system that allows you to choose your container runtime and is installed via system container, requiring one extra command when deploying/updating a system if you want to run a container runtime (such as docker). How would this affect you? Choose the answer which is closest to your attitude.
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