Global Routes Field Staff Application
Please complete this application and then email a cover letter (creativity welcome) & current resume to: If you're application seems to be a good fit for a program opening we'll be in touch with you. Thank you for your interest in joining our team.
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Please list the names, addresses, email and phone numbers of 3 professional references. Indicate their relationship to you. We will not contact references until we've completed the interview process. *
Certifications. If you are/have been certified in any of the following please indicate below. Global Routes requires that all field staff hold, at a minimum, valid and current certifications in CPR and First-Aid (Lifeguarding is required for some programs) at the time of program departure. Certifications may be sought and completed after the time of application. Global Routes offers courses for CPR, First Aid and Lifefguarding prior to the summer leadership training in June each year. *
If you are/have been certified in any of the above please indicate each expiration date. *
Travel. (Indicate if you have lived or traveled extensively in any of the following countries, length of stay(s) *
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
If you have lived in any of the countries above please list and detail your purpose of travel. Be specific and list any other travel experiences you have below. *
Language. Please list what languages you speak (other than English) and describe your comprehension and spoken level of fluency (e.g. basic, intermediate. conversational, advanced, fluent, native speaker). Also describe any courses of study you have taken and immersion experiences which have supported these language abilities. *
Personal Statement. Please type a personal statement that addresses each of the following. A. What exposure have you had to the field of experiential education and what do you feel is the value of these programs for NorthAmerican youth? B. Why are you drawn to this type of work, and how will this leadership position contribute to your own personal growth? C. What personal qualities and insights do you have that will facilitate the growth of each program participant and the development of the group as a whole? D. What specific skills, training and experience have you acquired from past education, jobs or travel that will contribute to your ability to lead a program of this kind? E. Please include anything beyond the scope of A-D that you feel is relevant. *
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