Little Virtuosos Project New Member Form (2021)
Little Virtuosos Project (LVP) is an international, student-led initiative aimed to raise awareness about mental health issues and educate others about the neuroscience of music. Through collaborative music videos, interviews, and an upcoming online neuroscience/music curriculum, we hope to encourage individuals and communities to engage in music-making (and even just music listening) as healthy forms of stress relief and outlets for creativity.
If you are a high school or college student interested in being a part of this project for 2021, please fill out this form!
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Role Descriptions
Music Video Collaborators
- Plays instrument (or sings) in virtual chamber music and song covers that will be posted on our YouTube and Instagram
Video Editing
- Uses FinalCutPro (or other video editing software) to put together collaborative music videos and LVP video lessons
Graphic Design
- Uses Canva or other software to create eye-catching virtual announcements, flyers, fun fact posts, or other infographics to post on our social media

Research Writers
- Carries out research on music and mental health, music therapy, neuroscience, psychology, or mental health issues from reliable online sources/articles
- Condenses research to use as topics/themes for fun fact posts or informative videos
- May write articles about their research on upcoming blog

Blog Writers
- Willing to articulate on experience with music and how it has shaped them
- Reaches out to other musicians for musical testimonies to write about
- Announces latest news about project growth or updates on LVP website

Regional Directors
- Invites young musicians or guest artists in respective areas to be featured and potentially interviewed for LVP social media
- Helps publicize LVP in region
- Reaches out to other student initiatives, volunteer programs, or youth music programs in area for potential collaboration
- Reaches out to local organizations in region (i.e. homeless shelters, mental health clinics, hospitals, etc.) that may benefit from LVP curriculum and performances

- At least a college freshman who is pursuing a career or has a strong interest in musical performance, music therapy, mental health advocacy, psychology, or neuroscience
- Pitches ideas for programming/graphics/events for LVP
- Spreads the word about LVP mission with respective college/institution
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