Social Media Behavior Survey of Indian Users
Please note this survey is going to be as anonymous as it could get.

It will take about 5 minutes for you to fill this, there is no open ended question, all of them are multiple choice question.

In India, at present there is a huge behavioral shift in the way Social Media is being consumed, we don't know what the future holds for us and hence this survey is to understand your behavior and observations with respect to Social Media.
1. Is social media something you check first thing in the morning? *
2. Among all the social media channels, which one do you prefer? *
Most Preferred
Moderately Preferred
Least Preferred
3. During special occasions how do you wish people? *
4. What is your purpose on social media? *
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
Expand your follower base
Stalk / Date
Build your personal brand.
5. What kind of behavioural shift have you seen in the age group of above 40 years? *
6. Do you read all those promotional SMSes you receive? *
7. Does your kid/ nephew/ niece (under the age group 5) spend time on YouTube or mobile watching videos? *
8. How do you feel when you get notifications? *
9. What style of content do you prefer the most? *
Whatsapp / Instagram / Snapchat Stories
Articles / Blog Posts
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
10. What type of content do you enjoy the most? *
11. Is scrolling through your newsfeed the last thing you do before sleeping? *
12. Do you set your life goals at times by looking at what others are doing on social media? *
13. Have you ever wanted to delete your social media accounts? *
14. Do your emotions trigger your social media behaviour? For example: Writing emotional status against someone, blocking someone, change your DP to convey your message to the person who has hurt you the most. *
15. Are You addicted to Social Media and does your life revolve around it? *
16. What's your age? *
17. Do you agree that Social Media has absolutely changed your lifestyle? *
18. Which city are you from? *
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19. Share your E-mail ID if you would like to receive the survey results.
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20. Share your name if you would like to receive the survey results.
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21. One last question before you leave: How many hours do you spend on Social Media everyday? *
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