Jessies AGM/Town Hall Survey
The Jessies made several changes this year to its processes in response, in large part, to the open letter signed by a large number of our community regarding their concerns about representation and inclusion, as well as the feedback we received at last year's AGM/Town Hall and our attempts to increase accessibility and inclusivity of the Jessies. 

At this year's AGM/Town Hall, in order to create a productive conversation, we would like to have some feedback on how these changes have been working for you, and what more we can do to build on these changes.

We have adjusted our definition of “Professional”, changed our fee structure, as well as our board and jury recruitment practices (positions are now advertised and applied for, instead of recruited based on pre-existing personal and professional connections).

In the past companies needed to purchase memberships to the Jessie Awards in order to be eligible. Membership fees amounted to pre-purchasing a set of tickets to the awards show, scaled based on company budget.

Companies no longer are required to pre-purchase tickets to the awards show in order to become members. This means that there is no up front fee associated with joining, and also means that companies will not automatically receive tickets to the awards show.

Registering a production automatically makes a company a member for that year.

Do you feel the new membership system increased the accessibility of the awards.
What negative effects, if any, do you see from this change?
Your answer
Do you suggest an alternative membership system?
Your answer
As the professional theatre awards, we are constantly evaluating our definition of professional. Our goal is to have a concrete definition that will be consistent and objective in its application. Here is our current criteria for how we define professional:

1. At least 60% of all artists must be receiving a weekly wage of at least $350 for each week they are working on the production. Producers engaging under contracts other than the CTA or ITA must submit a full artist list indicating which artists are receiving the minimum weekly wage. Only the artists receiving the minimum weekly wage will be eligible for Jessies consideration.


2. All artists must be receiving a share of net box office profits in a production where 60% of the following roles are filled by full members of CAEA/ACTRA/UdA:
• Actors
• Directors
• Stage Managers
• Assistant Stage Managers
• Choreographers
• Fight Directors
Producers must submit a full artist list indicating which artists are full members of CAEA/ACTRA/UdA. In productions meeting this criteria, all artists are eligible for Jessies consideration.

Productions working under a different model or form of contract may contact the JRC to request consideration.

How well do you feel these guidelines achieve our goal of balancing accessibility with a need for professional standards?
Your answer
Do you suggest alternative methods of evaluating professionalism?
Your answer
On top of eliminating our membership fees, the production registration fees have been adjusted. Instead of paying $35 a production, regardless of company size (on top of a membership), Small Theatre companies pay $50 per show, where Large Theatre pays $100 per show. 

This reflected an overall reduction in fees for most companies, as well as our need to maintain revenue to produce the awards.

How do you think these changes affect accessibility to the awards, if at all?
Your answer
Do you think this change will have other impacts on the awards in general?
Your answer
Is there another topic you would like to make sure is addressed at the AGM/Town Hall?
(While we cannot promise to be able to address everything at this year's AGM/Town Hall, as time is limited, we will take all suggestions into account as we plan the evening.)
Your answer
Do you have other suggestions for how the Jessies could make its practice more inclusive?
(Suggestions may be as specific or general as you like)
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In general, what do you appreciate the most about the Jessies?
Your answer
In general, what would you most like to see change about the Jessies?
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