Ethnography & Crowds with Cori Hayden
ETHOS LAB invites you to a small group discussion about collectivity, affect and the crowd. Using prepared readings, Cori will discuss the shifting assumptions about "the social", providing some much needed historical depth to the concept of the "crowd". Drawing on the ETHOSLab's project of making space for conversation across disciplines, we invite ethnographers, anthropologists, STS-ers and social media . The theorisation and research of the collectivity - and its status - will be our focus, with an emphasis on discussing what it means to design a research project that "gets at" the crowd.

WHEN: FRIDAY 13 SEPT 2019 from 10-12

Any questions, please e-mail Rachel Douglas-Jones on

!! Please register below BEFORE 2. September as potential free seats will be filled up by others

Pre-readings from LIMN's issue on Crowds and Clouds may be obligatory but you will be informed in due time.
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