APBL Survey
To elicit pupils' feedback on projectwork.
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1. I learnt to work well with my peers. *
2. I used the knowledge and skills learnt in English, Maths, Science and Mother Tongue lessons in my projectwork. *
3. I needed close guidance by my teachers to help me complete my project. *
4. I learnt about the topic in more depth during my project. *
5. Through APBL, I am more confident in presenting my ideas to my classmates. *
6. I used technology to assist me in my projectwork. *
7. (For Primary 5 pupils only) The use of Virtual Reality (VR) help me better visualise the problem that I had to solve.
8. (For Primary 4 pupils only) I used the skills learnt in Code for Fun in my projectwork.
9. The duration for APBL of a week is enough for me to come up with a solution. *
10. I am interested in the topic presented in the problem statement. *
11. I am interested to find out more about the topic in APBL on my own after completing my project. *
12. What topic would you like to suggest for next year's APBL?
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13. Any other comments.
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