Whitelist application for High Stakes Lion's RP

Here you can apply for playing on our mature server, which strives to be one of the very best in it's category. Please, before applying, see the rules on our website first. You will have to answer some of them by your own words. And you will have to follow all of them. Any questions or suggestions are welcomed though.


Some players will get whitelisted automatically and some, which we are not gonna be entirely sure about, will be contacted by our admin team on Discord in friendly manner asap.

Please, keep in mind that we do not want to create a police state here, but after some mixed experience we already have, we want to do our best to create respective and healthy environment for everybody involved.

If you will get whitelisted, you will notify you in next 24 hours on our Discord.

If you wouldn't be sure about something, go ahead and ask here: https://discord.gg/F4kbAbq
What do you expect from our server and community?
Do you have some previous experience? (not required)
Have you read the rules already? (link above)
Will you respect for the community?
Are you gonna be using English exclusively when required (eg. police intervention)?
Are you gonna be using fully working microphone?
Are you 18+ (or at least mentally)?
Are you gonna avoid any form of racism/discrimination/rape RP?
How would you explain potential Fear RP scenario?
What outcome will happen, if you will intentionally combat log off the server?
Do you understand that you are required to create your own personal record and car registration in CAD system? (ask moderators or police officers, if not sure how)
Are you gonna avoid and report any out of RP loopholes and breaking RP integrity in general by others?
Do you understand that moderators have final verdict on any matter?
Your email that will be used for CAD registration (REQUIRED)
Try to connect to our server now ( You will get refused, but this way your FiveM client will provide us information necessary for successful whitelist application.
Provide us your FULL Discord identifier, eg. MoravianLion#1234 (otherwise your application will be REJECTED)
Please, provide your PUBLIC Steam profile adress below eg. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197990977583/ For player base quality check, be sure your profile is public! Alternatively, you can contact MoravianLion and temporarily enable public profile for him (REQUIRED)
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