Tora-Con 2020 AMV Contest Entry Form
Fill out this form for EACH video you are entering into the contest. ALL VIDEOS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ENTRY FORM.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a link to the video file upload page. MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR FORM!
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The Tora-Con 2020 AMV Contest Rules can be found at the following address:
All AMV Contest entries must abide by the AMV Contest Rules. *
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This is the editor name that will appear on contest voting ballots & title slides. It can be your real first name, Youtube user name, or other alias you wish you go by for the purpose of this contest.
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This is the name of your AMV. This title will appear on contest voting ballots & title slides.
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List the song title & artist (vocalist, band, or composer) of each song included in your AMV. If you used audio from a commercial or movie trailer, indicate which product or movie the advertisement was for.
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This is the name of the actual video file you are uploading to us. Please make sure your file name includes your real name, editor name, OR the title of your AMV so we can tell which AMV is yours! REMEMBER TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO FILE AFTER SUBMITTING THIS FORM!
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We will use your mailing address information to ship your prizes if your AMV wins an award. Please make sure your address is accurate and complete. If you live outside of the USA, please make sure you include all information we would need to ship your prize internationally.
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We will use your phone number information only if we are unable to contact you through e-mail.
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All AMV Contest entries must abide by the AMV Contest Rules. *
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