CTA Driving Privileges 2021-2022
This form is for parents to give or deny their consent for their 12th grade student to leave campus in a car, either as the driver or passenger, for lunch, study halls or "away" games (when they are on the team). Only 12th graders are eligible for these privileges. (For athletic events, all other athletes must ride the bus.) Students in grades below 12 are not permitted to leave campus during lunch or study hall.

Even with your permission to leave campus, all students who leave the building during the day MUST sign out at the front desk before leaving, and sign in at the front desk upon returning. These policies are critical for students' physical safety. Students failing to comply with this policies will face disciplinary action, or loss of this privilege even on the first infraction.
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Does your 12th grade student have your permission to leave campus during lunch or study hall, driving his/her car? *
Does your 12th grade student who is a CTA athlete have your permission to drive to away games? *
Does your 12th grader have permission to take passengers in his/her car? *
Do you allow your 12th grader to ride along as a passenger in a fellow student's car? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please list specific students that your child may ride with or write "ALL".
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