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Thank you for your interest in participating in our user research study!

The form below is our general research eligibility form that all parents must fill out to participate in any of our research or testing sessions.

We conduct numerous types of research so don't be afraid to write your name down! We do everything from in-person testing with Woobo to short multiple choice surveys.

As of 1/18/17, we are primarily conducting video interviews with parents and a limited number of in-person user testings in the Boston area.

Content and User Experience Specialist

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User Testing Video Policy
During all of our in-person user testings we video tape the testing sessions. This is extremely important for us. It allows us to show our engineers, designers, and content developers highlights of the session to improve the design of Woobo. To keep all video as private as possible, we block out the child's name or any other identifying information after the session, store videos in our private, non-cloud connected server, and do not label the videos with any information besides the date and an anonymized label. If any of these things make you uncomfortable, please reach out to Susana on our team (susana@woobo.io) to discuss further. Unfortunately, if you are not able to allow us to video tape in-person user testing sessions, we cannot conduct an interview with you and your child.
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