VersaCare Employment Application

VersaCare EMS is an equal opportunity employer. We provide equal employment opportunities for all, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference or orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other non job-related characteristic protected by law.

To fill out this application, you MUST have your CA EMT certificate or Paramedic License and BLS card (if applying to work as an EMT), immunization information, last 3 employers with start and end dates, and 3 personal references. You will be signing this application electronically, Once you submit your application, and it is reviewed, you will receive an email with instructions to upload copies of your certifications/licensures). Your application will not be complete and fully reviewed until we receive these files. If brought in for an interview and testing, you will need to bring in all certifications/licensures, and also sign a statement attesting that you filled out the application truthfully and accurately.

Please read the following. If you agree, click "Continue" to fill out our employment application.

I am applying for a position at VersaCare EMS. I agree that I am providing truthful and accurate information in this application.

I understand and agree that VersaCare EMS, to the extent permitted by federal, state, and local law, may, without prior warning or notice, conduct investigations of property (including, but not limited to, files, lockers, desks, vehicles, equipment, inventories, computers, and phones). I understand that in certain circumstances, this may also include my personal property.

I understand that as a condition of employment and to the extent permitted by federal, state, and local law, I may be required and agree to sign an arbitration agreement, as well as a confidentiality (Non-disclosure) agreement. For positions as an EMT or Paramedic, I may be required to obtain a CA driver's license, DL-51, and CA Ambulance Driver's Certificate/Endorsement, as a condition of hire or continuing employment (Note: We do hire individuals who are unable to obtain a CA Driver's license and/or Ambulance Driver's Certificate/Endorsement, on a case-by-case basis).