CLUE Camp Mission Team Application 2020
Thank you for your interest in partnering with Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries, Metro Baptist Church and Greater Restoration Baptist Church for CLUE Camp in the summer of 2019. All applications are due no later than October 5. Teams chosen to partner with us for 2020 will be identified and all applicants informed no later than October 20, 2019. Please note that we seek to have a mix of veteran and new teams each summer, as well groups that will provide the campers with a diversity of exposure (denominationally, geographically, generationally, etc.). A minimum of 20 people is required to effectively run camp.** If you do not this minimum, we still encourage you to apply so churches will often partner to lead a single week of camp together. Please email with any questions. Thank you!

**We are exploring options for Week 6 (Aug 1-8) that would include more local staff and community experts at the Manhattan location, as such we will be able to accommodate a smaller group (min of 15).
Team Leader Contact Information
Information related to the primary contact for the group seeking to lead a week of 2020 CLUE Camp. The group leader must be someone who can attend the full day Camp Directors' orientation on Friday, February 28, 2020, as well as the entire camp week if chosen.
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