Entry form for the 5th Annual Virtual Show
All photos are to be emailed to fmbashow2017@gmail.com.
Please send one email per mouse entered, with the mouse's name as the subject of the email.
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Variety of the mouse? *
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Sex of the mouse? *
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Age of the mouse on the date the entry photo was taken? *
All photos must be taken between September 12th & November 27th.
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Confirm that you understand that each entry is not considered complete until the photos have been mailed to the the show email at fmbashow2017@gmail.com. *
What email address should the paypal invoice be sent to? *
NOTE: Members are permitted 5 free entries. Nonmembers are permitted 2. If you submit more than the allotted number of entries, you will receive an invoice for the extra entries ($1/entry, maximum 5). If you do not use paypal, please contact the Show Secretary upon completing your entries to arrange for an alternate payment method for your entry fees.
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