CoE Third Repeat Petition
The Course Repeat Petition is used ONLY to request permission to take a course for the THIRD time, and only for courses in which your grade was a C- or below.

Petitions for the following semester may be submitted once Course Registration is open for that semester (e.g., in November for Spring semester). Petitions must be submitted by the following DEADLINES in order to be reviewed in a timely manner.

To three-peat a course in a particular semester, the following deadlines MUST be adhered to:
for Summer session One, last day of Spring courses
for Summer session Two, last day of Summer session one courses
for Fall semester, last day of Add/Drop
for Spring semester, last day of Add/Drop

Repeating a course can have negative consequences. For example, if a passing grade of C-, D+ or D was received in the first enrollment, but a failing grade is received when the course is repeated, no credit would be earned for either attempt. Repeating a previously passed course may also have an effect on financial aid eligibility. Students considering repeating previously passed courses should also consult Financial Aid staff.

Grade substitution only available for UMass Amherst courses. If approved, only the third grade will count in your GPA (this is true regardless of whether the third grade is higher or lower than the original). Credit will be earned once.

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