En GardE Pre-training questionnaire: My personal business case
In En GardE-Trainings, our focus lies on 100% practical orientation. First of all, you will get to know the tried and tested tools as well as the negotiation structure, while practising with prepared cases. In order to apply your learning experiences immediately, you will have the opportunity on the last training day to work together on 1 – 2 practical business cases, which are chosen by the group.

Please prepare the following and submit the questionnaire no later than 7 days before the start of the training.

Prepare the concrete description of either a negotiation case from the past months or of an upcoming negotiation. Please provide a short and precise outline by answering the following questions:
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Company *
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1. Describe the initial situation of the negotiation in max. 5 sentences each ...
1.1. from your perspective
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1.2. and from the perspective of your negotiating partner
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2. Define the objectives in this negotiation:
2.1. What are your objectives?
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2.2. What could the objectives of your negotiating partner be?
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3. Which difficulties or obstacles can be expected in the negotiation?
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