Rialto Cinemas 2021 Reopening Survey
Please take a moment to respond to the survey below. Your responses will help us understand what’s most important to you for when and how you return to Rialto Cinemas.

Thank you for your support!
Which of the following best describes your relationship with Rialto Cinemas? (Select all that apply.) *
Do you look forward to seeing a movie in the theater? *
Prior to COVID-19 how frequently did you attend movies at Rialto Cinemas? *
What day or part of the week do you most often attend the movies? *
What time of day do you generally attend the movies? *
When you are thinking about going to the movies where do you look for movie and showtime information? (Select all that apply.)
Do you feel safe with the idea of returning to Rialto Cinemas? *
Under what circumstance would you return to Rialto Cinemas? (Select all that apply.) *
Have you been vaccinated or do you plan to? *
Once vaccines are widely available in the community, when will you feel comfortable returning to Rialto Cinemas? *
Rialto Cinemas is planning on the following changes to our operations. Please rank the options below by how important they are in ensuring a comfortable return for you. *
Very important
Fairly important
Slightly important
Not important at all
Reduced capacity
Fewer showtimes
Social distancing between seats
Reserved seats
Ability to sit with your friends/family with whom you are attending the film
Availability of hand sanitizer
Restrooms cleaned hourly
Sanitize seats between screenings
Required face coverings for staff
Required for face coverings for audience member until seated
Diligent cleaning of highly touched surfaces
Knowing facility cleaning procedures
Pre-purchase concessions with tickets to avoid waiting in line
Are you worried about safe behavior from other patrons? *
Have you visited Rialto Cinemas for Popcorn Pick-Up? *
Since our closure, Rialto Cinemas has been offering select films to rent for at-home viewing in our Virtual Cinema. How many films did you watch via this program? *
If you are not interacting much with our digital content, can you tell us why? *
If you are over 65 years in age would you be interested in senior only showtimes perhaps once a week?
Clear selection
Would you be interested in private auditorium rentals for your family, friends or Covid pod? *
What type of movies would you want to see when you return to Rialto Cinemas? New movies, classic film, documentaries, specific titles... you name it!
Anything you would like to add?
Age Range? *
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