2020 Bearded Collie Health Survey
The annual Bearded Collie health survey will take place in the month of February every year. It is open to all UK Kennel Club registered Bearded Collies. This is a totally anonymous survey designed to be very quick to complete but also to provide us with ongoing information on the health of the breed, the age of Bearded Collies in the UK, and any health problems that they are suffering. The results will be published on an annual basis and enable us to monitor health and act quickly if any conditions are arising which could cause ongoing problems for our lovely breed. We ideally want all Bearded Collie owners to complete it so we get the fullest picture of the breed – this includes those with healthy Bearded Collies, it is very important that we know about these. Please take five minutes to take part and help our breed remain as healthy as possible. You can complete it for each dog you own but please only enter ONE dog on a form there will be a link at the end for any additional dogs you own.

Thank you for taking part in this survey and contributing to the ongoing health of the breed. Please take part again next year when we launch the survey and check the Bearded Collie Club website for the results of the survey later this year.
Yearly Health Survey
1. How old is your Bearded Collie? *
2. What sex is your Bearded Collie *
3. Is your Bearded Collie neutered *
4. If so at what age was your Bearded Collie neutered?
Has your Bearded Collie developed any NEW health problems it has needed to see a vet for in the last 12 months? *
6. If so list these problems
Your answer
7. Does your Bearded Collie have any long term health problems? *
8. If so please list them
Your answer
9. At what age did your Bearded Collie develop these problems?
10. Does your Bearded Collie take any long term medication that has been prescribed by a vet? (This does not include supplements such as joint supplements.) *
11. Does your Bearded Collie have any problems with its jaw such as wry jaw, narrow jaw, overshot or undershot? *
12. If so what is the problem with the jaw?
Your answer
13. How has this jaw problem affected your Bearded Collie?
14. Does your Bearded Collie suffer from any of the following - tick all that apply. *
15. What health tests did the mother of your Bearded Collie have - tick all that apply. *
16. What health tests did the father of your Bearded Collie have - tick all that apply *
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