Charity Akita Board Member Application
Charity Akita is currently looking for members to fill every position on the board for the 2019-2020 year, with Danie Manos as the ad hoc executive. If you are interested please fill out the form below. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Charity Akita charter to best understand the duties and responsibilities of Charity Akita board members.
The Charity Akita charter can be found here:
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"Regular Volunteer" Qualification
As Charity Akita board members are required to organize and run our various charity fundraiser events, volunteer opportunities, and cultural events throughout the year, a preference is made for those who have volunteered for at least three events over the course of the last year (defined as 365 days from the current date). The major events from the previous year were the Welcome Party, Halloween Party, St. Patrick's Party, Christmas Caroling, Ski Trip, the Akita International Sumo Basho. We will also include attendance at English Cafes as regular volunteering. If you can think of an additional way in which you have volunteered your time and energy to this organization, you may include that as a volunteer experience for our consideration.

If you do not meet this qualification and are interested in one of the core positions (deputy director or director of finance), please submit your application anyway as yours will still be considered.

For the following three questions, please answer by filling in the name of the event that you volunteered for as well as the role that you filled. For example, "Welcome Party, Door", "Christmas Caroling, Caroler", or "Sumo, Judge".

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Verification of Residency and Availability *
Residency in Akita is a requirement to be a board member. We don't always know what the future will bring, but we ask that applicants consider seriously whether they will be available to fulfill the responsibilities and duties required by the position that they are applying for.
Requested Position
Every year, Charity Akita must have at minimum an executive director, a deputy director, and a director of finance.

* Executive director - Oversee the board of directors, cultivate a respectful relationship with ALTs and residents of Akita, lead and/or organize events and volunteer opportunities, and maintain the vision of the organization. After being chosen, the executive director will also be responsible for appointing the other members of the board.
* Deputy director - Assume the role of executive director as needed and aid them in their duties, particularly in relation to leading events.
* Director of finance - Assume responsibility of all financial affairs of the organization including collecting money at events, sending donations to charities, and managing the Charity Akita bank account. It is mandatory for the director of finance to maintain a public record of all expenditures in accordance with publicly available documents explaining their organization.

In addition to those core positions, the current board of directors feels like the following positions ought to be filled in order to successfully carry out the work that Charity Akita has been doing.

* Secretary - Note taking, copywriting and managing the organization's email account.
* Social Media Manager - Heading event promotion and managing social media accounts (Including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
* Community/Charity Liaison - Contacting venues, negotiating deals and providing translations (this position should be filled by someone with high Japanese proficiency)
* English Cafe Coordinator - As they occur every month, it would be best to have one member whose primary responsibility is organizing English Cafes.

Please note that due to the volunteer nature of the work we do, members of the board are often asked to take on duties and responsibilities other than for those explicitly stated in their role description.

I am interested in the following position(s). *
If you are interested in multiple positions, feel free to check more than one (though obviously you will only be chosen for one role). If you feel that you have skills that can fulfill a need not covered by the offered positions, you may suggest yourself for a new position of your choosing by filling in the "other" option. However, be aware that it is unlikely that applications will be chosen for roles in addition to the ones listed here.
Statement of Intent *
Please write a statement of intent describing why you would like to apply for the chosen position. If you have chosen multiple positions in the previous section, you should specify in your statement of intent which you prefer. This would also be an appropriate section for you to write anything that you want the board to take into consideration regarding your application. There is no maximum length to your statement of intent, but it must be at minimum 500 characters.
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