Introverted Leader
As a leader what strategies do you use to lead and manage others effectively?
How would you describe yourself?
Where were you born and raised? (Country)
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Are you in a leadership role?
Strategies you use when leading others
Almost never
I tend to pay attention and notice details others miss
I like taking risks to achieve my goals
I prefer to work with others to reach the goals
I avoid conflict for as long as possible
I use humor to lighten up difficult conversations
I prefer to be hands-on, rather than delegating
I prepare for meetings with my boss and even send out topics to discuss ahead of time
I speak up only when I have something to say
I volunteer for taking notes during meetings
I have a plan B and prepare for the worst-case scenarios
I prefer to deal with conflict over email rather than by phone
I prefer to deal with conflict face to face rather than over email
I pick up a phone and call when I feel written communication is escalating or leading nowhere
I focus on building alliances within the company
I am patient to find out all the facts before making a decision.
I ask questions to help others come up with solutions on their own
I remember names of people I meet for the first time without much problem
I prepare for all my meetings
I like to call back immediately when I miss a call
I get bored rather quickly
How did you become a manager (application/promotion/etc.)?
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How do you believe introversion helps you to lead people?
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What support, education, development, or training has been particularly helpful to you as an introverted leader?
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Who are better leaders, introverts or extroverts? Explain.
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Who is your favorite leader (public figure)? Explain.
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Would you be willing to participate in over-the-email interview? If yes, please, leave your email address and I will contact you within the next couple of weeks.
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