Elisse Hay's ARC reader application
Want to be notified about ARC reads in the Something Wicked world? Hey, you got the right link!

There are a limited number of places available. The kind of folks I need on my team are: 
- Fans of the Something Wicked world
- People who can review their ARC, honestly

The information below is to help me create my teams, including what follow up might be required. This information won't affect final team choice.

None of your details will be shared with anyone. Promise. 
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Do you understand that there is sex and swearing aplenty?  *
Sometimes, things come up. I've got Content Notes and Trigger Warnings in my linktree. 
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I'm not going to nag anyone for reviews, but...that IS the whole goal of this.  *
How long do I leave you with the book before I send you a reminder, assuming the world hasn't blown up?
I'd like to confirm folks who get ARCs are reviewers. Please drop your Goodreads link here. I won't stalk you and I appreciate critical reviews as much as positive ones.  *
As above, if you review on any other platform, please provide details or links here. 
So, you know piracy hurts indies the most, right?  *
ARCs are generally eBooks. 
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Can I please grab your postal address in case I'm organised enough to send out thank-yous or PR boxes? 
Bonus Q1: Who would win in a fight between Taig and Beo and why? 
Bonus Q2: Want to talk to me about PR boxes? Tell me your favourite reading snack, your favourite colour, the country you live and I'll assess your eligibility via these stringent criteria. (If your fav colour is puce just gtfo.)
Want to tell me something while you got me? Drop it here. 
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