River Capital NextStep Grant Application
NextStep is excited to launch the River Capital NextStep grants. The purpose of the grants is to provide seed funding for young change makers to grow projects and initiatives that innovate Jewish life.

Grants will be awarded to projects that have the primary responsibility of engaging Australian Jewish people in Jewish community.

**Only participants of the NextStep Retreat and Pitch night Presenters are eligible. Projects must have a minimum of two participants at the leadership level. No participant may apply for more than one grant.**

Grant applications are open from 28th August 2018 and will close on September 14th 2018. Applications will be reviewed and grants rewarded on a rolling basis in accordance with eligibility requirements and demonstrated impact.

If you have any questions about this form, or about the application process, please contact Hannah - hannah@ajf.org.au

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(If relevant) Include details of the types of assistance/resource these partners may provide, ways that you intend to collaborate with them, and most importantly your strategy to ensure that your initiative remains unique and viable.
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