Community Leadership Board Application
Thank you for your interest in The Future Foundation. This application is intended to give our current Board and staff the opportunity to identify all the amazing things you could possibly bring to this Board. Feel free to brag on yourself because we have to see how you would brag about us.
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Please list the boards and committees (business, civic, community, fraternal, political, professional, recreational, religious, social) that you have previously serve on. Please list the organization name, your role, the term of service and reason for your departure. *
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Why are you interested in supporting The Future Foundation as a Community Leadership Board Member? Those committed to volunteering in a leadership capacity have an abundance of organizations to choose from. Why did we make your list? *
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Please mark the skills and expertise you will bring to us that will strengthen our Community Leadership Board and enhance the ability of our organization to deliver on its mission. *
The characteristics you bring to the board will help us to ensure that we have a diversity of personality styles and traits that, when added to our current board members, will enhance the ability of the board members to work together as a governing body. *
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What do you know about youth in Washington, DC? *
Please provide the link for a grant that you believe this organization could qualify for: *
Pretend that you are addressing your fellow Board Members. Please write a short statement about why we should apply for this grant below: *
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How do you feel The Future Foundation would benefit from your involvement on the Community Leadership Board? *
How do you envision The Future DC? *
Among other responsibilities, board members play a key role in raising funds for our organization. It is an expectation of board service that you will introduce people in your sphere of influence to our work and invite them know and do more – as prospective volunteers, board members, staff and as donors. Our organization commits to providing you with the information and tools necessary for you to stand as a vocal and visible ambassador for our work. Further, we expect every board member to make an annual financial commitment for each year of their board service that represents one of the most significant donations you make each year. How much can you give/get without placing an extreme financial hardship on yourself? *
Can you elaborate on your level of comfort with this expectation? *
Board service is a true commitment of time and energy. We estimate that board service could be a commitment of 10 to 20 hours each month. Do you have any concerns or potential conflicts that may serve as impediments to this time commitment? *
If so, how will you manage the demands on your time? *
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Have you ever been convicted, plead guilty or plead no contest to a crime? *
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Please identify at three references we can speak with to further supplement your application. We need their name, the nature of your relationship and their contact information, *
Are you willing to complete a background check? This is to ensure the safest environment for the youth we engage. *
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