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This is for a Cargo Weasel artwork commission.  
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Rates and Restrictions
LIMITED TIME ONLY: Black Friday Sale: 1 character, basic shading, basic background: $90USD!!

Base rate for a digital painting is $200.  This includes 1 or 2 characters and a background.

Very complicated backgrounds (cities, supermarkets, crowds, anything with a lot of detail) are $50 extra.  

Any additional characters are $50 each.
(characters do not include background extras, this is anything with a ref sheet)

For typical content please consult my galleries, links available at 

Anyone commissioning me must be 18 years of age or over, regardless of the content of the piece.

  1. You fill out and submit this form with your contact info and a brief.
  2. I contact you on Telegram or Discord or via email and we discuss specifics about your commission.  I provide you 1 to 3 thumbnail sketches with options of basic composition.  If there is a queue ahead of you I will let you know at this time.
  3. We further develop the idea to a quick sketch which is finalized for payment.  When we agree on the sketch I can invoice you via PayPal or Artconomy and you pay the agreed-upon price.
  4. I paint and color the artwork for you.  I will send frequent WIPs.  Turnaround time will be within one week of payment.  If there are revisions or changes we can do them at this stage.
  5. When the art is completed,  you receive a full-res digital file of the art
Commissions can be private or public as you wish. I will say "Commission from _furryname_" if I post the image anywhere. If you want the commission to be totally private then there is a $20 fee. 
Your name or furry name *
Your Telegram ID 
Telegram is my preferred means of communications.  If you dont have it just leave this blank.
Your Discord ID
if Telegram is not an option, I can communicate with you on Discord.
Your email address *
This should be your normal email.  
Please describe in a short paragraph what you would like the art to depict. If I cannot draw it I will let you know, but don't be afraid to be specific.
I will obtain a ref from you on Telegram or Discord or email as needed when we go ahead to the sketch stage.  You should have one ready for your character(s) when we begin the process.
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