Spring 2017 Performing Arts FIRST GRADE Registration
Please remember that there is also a $25 per child registration fee associated with Performing Arts. If you have not done so already, please visit http://mcnearelementary.org/about-mcnear/school-programs to make an online payment for your registration fee. Thank you!
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YMCA Attendance
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Schedule Conflicts
Let us know of any existing appointments or conflicts when your child will miss rehearsal. We will do our best to accommodate with enough notice.
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Additional shirts can be ordered: $10 per child, $12 per adult size
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The rules of conduct:
• I am expected to follow the same behavior rules in Performing Arts as I do during normal school hours.
• I will respect my directors and fellow cast/crew members at all times.
• I will be quiet and listen when I am not performing.
• I will try my hardest to memorize my lines, lyrics and dance moves.
• I will practice at home as needed.
• I will give the show 100% to make the show the best it can be.
• I will NEVER use inappropriate language or gestures, and will always keep my hands/feet/belongings to myself.
• I have checked the schedule and will be available for all rehearsals and performances, or clear an absence with the director ahead of time.
• If I do not follow the rules, I may be sent home and could lose my part in the show.
• I clearly understand what is expected of me.
Behavior Contract *
Both parents and participant(s) have read the Behavior Contract and agree to follow the rules of Performing Arts.
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