Anime NYC 2020 Panel Application Form
Thank you for wanting to present a panel or performance at Anime NYC! We are always on the lookout for engaging topics focused on anime, Japanese culture, the anime industry, and the passionate communities that surround it.

When filling out this form, please attempt to make your submission as complete as possible, including the list of panelists you intend to bring with you. We make our choices solely on the information in these submissions so anything that is incomplete cannot be factored into our final decisions. Here are some of the things we love to see while evaluating:

* Topics that YOU are passionate about.
* Unique perspectives on topics we have not seen before.
* A diverse group of panelists. Don’t be afraid to reach outside your immediate network!
* Energetic panelists who are experts in their respective fields.

All sessions are 45 to 60 minutes long. All speakers will receive a complimentary Panelist badge, which allows access to all three days of Anime NYC.

The following equipment is provided for each panel room:
4-6 Microphones (varies upon room), Projector, 16:9 Screen, Speakers, 2 Tables Minimum (varies upon room), 4 Chairs Minimum (varies upon room)

Note: Laptops are NOT provided. You are responsible for your own filming or recording equipment.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at

The deadline for panel submissions is August 3, 2020!
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