Availability for Advent RDL & Lent Online Retreat
After the recent "IGR at Home" retreats being such a success and a worthwhile project in their own right, we are planning to offer and Advent RDL and a Lent online retreat (as in previous years) with the option for weekly sharing groups

This form is aimed at our retreat givers to find out your availability to help us with these events.

We do want to stress that you need to discern for yourself whether you want to continue giving these retreats, and if you do, how many you want to do at once and how frequently you would like to do them.
Are you able to give any time for leading individual(s) in our RDL during Advent 2020? *
Number of Retreatants
Please let us know how many retreatants you would be able to guide.
Number I'm comfortable guiding forthe Advent RDL is:
Lent 2021 Online Retreat
Please let us know if you are able to take a weekly sharing / discussion group of our online retreatants
Are you able to give any time for leading a weekly group during Lent 2021? *
Any comments /clarifications you'd like to give?
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