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Paidboom affiliate programs that pays you for every signup that you bring to our site and when one of your referred visitor purchase web hosting plans, you will be paid-out 20% commission.

And our system saves cookies in the browser for 30 days. You'll still receive your affiliate commission even though if referral purchase web hosting after 15 days.

Keep in mind before applying:
1. We pay our affiliate partners once a month and a 60 days delay to prevent frauds and let us process any refunds.
2. Affiliate commissions will be updated between 15th to 20th.
3. We pay your affiliate cut when your balance reaches a minimum of $100.
4. Pay Per Click (PPC) bidding is NOT allowed without prior written permission.
6. We don't accept coupon websites as affiliates partners.
7. You're not allowed to offer any cashback in return for purchase to your referee.
8. You're not allowed to use your affiliate link for your own purchases
9. Spamming your affiliate link isn't allowed and your account will be suspended if you do so.
10. If the referee used the discount code while purchasing their hosting plan, your commission will be used for discounting their plan.
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