PlayThink 2020 Fire Safety Team Volunteer Application
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be part of the Fire Safety team at Playthink 2020!
As a member of the Playthink Fire Safety Team, you will play a crucial role in the safety and enjoyment of the fire circles throughout the duration of the event. You will be actively watching the participants of the fire circle to ensure safety as well as extinguishing fire props when needed and keeping clear communication with fire circle participants and other team members while on the field. You would also be working the fueling station - assisting patrons with fueling and spinning off their props when needed.

As with all Playthink Work Trade Program positions, in exchange for (3) four hour shifts of work between June 17th and 21st, you will receive early access to the good camping spots, and, of course, free entry to the festival!

Like many other events, we require a DEPOSIT in the amount of the gate ticket price of $200.00, which will be returned at the end of your last scheduled shift if you have fulfilled your volunteer responsibilities. Please note this deposit is due via check. The money will not leave your account. We will not deposit or cash your check unless you do not fulfill your volunteer duties.

--- Fire Safety Volunteer Requirements ---

YOU MUST be of age 18 or older to work as a Fire Safety.

YOU MUST have prior experience being a Fire Safety.

YOU MUST be able to arrive at the festival in time for the Fire Safety Volunteer Meeting at 12PM NOON on Wednesday June 17th.

YOU MUST be willing to work a shift during the time frame of 10 PM to 2AM THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY night of the event.

YOU MUST be sober and 100% present during all of your shifts.;

YOU MUST understand that the Playthink fire circle is a place where people of ALL ages and skill levels come to share their skills and art. There will be accompanied children and beginners of all kinds spinning each night.

Please fill out all required information in this form to apply. Please read over all requirements carefully to make sure that working with the Fire Safety team is within your abilities and availability.

If your application is accepted, you will be notified and sent a volunteer information packet at the email address you provide below. We will also send you the details of how to pay your deposit.

ALL APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AFTER JANUARY 15, 2020 WILL OFFICIALLY BE ON A WAITING LIST. If there is a cancellation, you will be notified as soon as possible!!

Thank you so much for your interest! Before we get to the application, we want to go over a few things. It is important to us that all of our Volunteers fully understand the beliefs and guidelines set forth by PlayThink to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for our Attendees and their Children.
To promote a healthy & family-centric atmosphere, the use of alcohol and other substances are prohibited at PlayThink.
I understand that I may be asked to leave if I am obviously intoxicated. *
To ensure a family-centric atmosphere, nudity will not be permitted within the festival grounds at any time, day or night.
I understand that due to the nature of PlayThink's most cherished attendees (children), nudity is not permitted at any time during the festival. *
PlayThink is a pet free event. NO PETS WILL BE PERMITTED. You need to make arrangements for your pet to be boarded, kenneled, or cared after for the duration of the event.
Service animals will be permitted. We have set up a service animal pre-registration that ensures a no hassle entry for attendees with disabilities and service animals. Please register your service animal with us by June 1 to ensure we can make entrance to the festival as quick and easy as possible. We will also be making your service animal a personalized tag to ensure security is aware that they are a service animal. We believe this will create a more pleasant and streamlined experience for everyone.

You can pre-register your service animal here:
I understand that my pet is not allowed. If I bring my pet, I will be asked to leave. *
Children Tickets are NOT free. Anyone 6 and older will need a ticket for entry.
I understand that anyone 6 and older will need a ticket for entry. *
Though PlayThink is a family-centric event, as parents we are aware the children can be extremely distracting when trying to get work done. As such, you will need to arrange for someone else to be responsible for your children while you are performing your duties at PlayThink.
I understand that I need to arrange care for my children while I am working at PlayThink. *
RV Camping is NOT included in your contract. There are a limited number of RV hookups and those sites MUST BE PURCHASED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. They go quick! There is also a Self Sufficient RV lot for those wanting to camp in an RV with NO hookups. RVs will NOT be allowed in general camping OR the main festival grounds.
RV Hookup spots are an additional $120 and Self Sufficient RV spots are an additional $50.
I understand that if I am bringing an RV, I will need to purchase an RV hook up spot OR a Self Sufficient RV pass *
I understand that if I am asked to leave due to any of the reasons listed above, any and all contracts between PlayThink and myself will be VOID. I will forfeit any deposits or fees paid to PlayThink. *
Okay! If you have agreed to/ understand all the above items, please move on to the application! We are so excited that you want to be a part of the PlayThink Team!
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