Leith Harbour Free 5k and 10k
First timers only: You only need to register once in your lifetime
Next event: Sunday 22 September 2019 at 10am
Start+finish: Near Corner of Magnet St and Neptune St, Dunedin
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Terms, Conditions, and Privacy
All events are run by volunteers.

No roads will be closed. There are no marshals on the course. You will be running alongside an active road and crossing a railway line. It is your responsibility to look for trains or cars before crossing the railway line, or any roads, and cross only if you judge it to be safe. Other people, prams, lime scooters, bikes and dogs may be on the course. Please keep left and give way to others.

There are no permissions expressed or implied by the run organisers. Participants make use of the facilities at their own risk and without express permission from the run organisers or anyone else.

Running is a physically active sport. You should always seek advice from your GP before taking up a strenuous physical pursuit such as this.

I accept that I do so entirely at my own risk and that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am fit and able to take part in the event.

Children under the age of 16 years old are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and need to be accompanied at all times before, during and after the run

The run and its volunteers do not accept responsibility for injury, loss and damage sustained by a participant.

Your name, gender and age group and running time will be published online. If you want to do the run but not appear in the results, do not give your details at the finish line and you will appear as "Unknown".
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