Hekka Satisfaction Survey

Dear shopper,

Thank you for choosing Hekka! In order to improve your shopping experience, we invite you to take part in our survey. This will only take around 3 minutes of your time. Your opinion is very important to us! After you fill in the survey, you will receive a coupon for 20% OFF.
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1. Is Hekka easy to navigate through icons?
2. Does Hekka's layout fit with your browsing habits? *
3. Is Hekka's order and purchase process clear? *
4. Is Hekka's order information complete? *
5. Is it easy and convenient to enter your shipping address? *
6. Can you find the product you're looking for in the search recommendations? *

7. Do you find the products displayed in the section "Just For You" on the main page interesting?
8. Do you think payments in Hekka are safe and secure?
9. Do you think Hekka's payment process is convenient?
10. Do you think Hekka offers sufficient amount of payment channels?
11. What do you think of Hekka's page loading speed?
12. What do you think of the loading speed of Hekka product images? *

13. Has the site ever crashed while you were browsing?
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