2019 Existing Float Center Questionnaire
Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out the 2019 Industry Report questionnaire.

This form is for existing centers only, and you should only fill out one questionnaire per center. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE LOCATIONS, PLEASE FILL OUT A DIFFERENT FORM FOR EACH CENTER.

If you haven't opened yet or are planning on adding float tanks to an existing business, you can help us out by filling out this questionnaire instead: https://forms.gle/hriKJq116snUtYCS7

Alright, let's get crunching and gather some industry statistics!

Where are you located?
City, State/Province, Country
Your answer
When did you open your doors?
How long ago was your first float?
How many float tanks do you have in this center?
Do you rent or own your location?
How many total locations do you have that offer floating?
This includes the location that you're filling out this questionnaire for.
Is your shop part of a franchise?
How many float tanks did your center start with?
What standard length of float sessions do you offer?
What is the price (per type of float that you have) in your center for a single float? Please answer using your local currency.
example: 60 minutes = $60 | 90 minutes = £75 | 120 minutes = ¥9500
Your answer
How many floats per month are you running?
How much income did your center make during its last full year of operation? (gross revenue)
We'd really love to be able to say that floating is a __ million dollar industry (this information will be aggregated and anonymous - see the 2018 Industry Report for an example). If not in US Dollars, add local currency under 'other'.
What percentage of your revenue for this center each month comes from floating?
As opposed to other services like massage or cryo, and as opposed to retail or product sales.
In the last year have you expanded at all?
(between June of 2018 and now)
Do you offer any other forms of alternative wellness?
Now think back to when you were opening...
How long did it take you to find funding?
How much did it cost to open this center?
If not in US Dollars, add local currency under 'other'.
What percentage of your buildout cost came from the floatation side of your business?
As opposed to costs relating to other services that you offer, like massage or cryo.
How did you fund your center?
Check all that apply
How long did it take you to find a location?
How long did construction/build-out take?
What has been the most difficult part of opening and running your center?
How long did it take you before your first hire?
How many employees do you currently have at this center?
This is for staff who aren't owners in the business.
What marketing activities have worked the best for your center so far?
(optional: for Float Helm customers only) – would you be willing to share additional aggregate data regarding scheduling, sales, and service offerings?
Your Helm data will remain completely anonymous and will only be accessed and used in aggregate. This information would let us release much more robust and nuanced information on our industry.
What's your email address? *
This is how we'll send you the final 2019 State of the Float Industry Report - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (it's also how we'll prevent duplicate entries when we crunch the data)
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