FUNKAR - the artist within A NYC10 Dance Initiative - Application Form
We are going VIRTUAL this year and encouraging GLOBAL participation from choreographers and dance companies. It is a challenging time to show work, especially with big groups but we hope you take the challenge.

Ten selected works will be shown online starting on Thursday, June 11, 2020, Time TBD.  One company will be featured each day, followed by a Q&A on Zoom during NYC Dance Week Festival. 

Deadline for the Application Arrival: June 1, 2020

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Show Dates: Thursday, June 11 - Saturday, June 20, 2020

Venue: Social Media Networks and Zoom

Please read the Application Guidelines below -

Funkar is open to all the choreographers whose work fulfills the following criteria:

• The work is minimum 2 minutes and maximum 10 minutes long.

• The work features a dance performance.

• If selected, the work applied with should be the same as the work that is performed.

• Work should be created by dancers and/or emerging choreographers.

• Work by artists who are actively pursuing a career in professional dance and choreography.

• Must either own rights to music or use one that does not have copyrights since we are showing your work on social media networks.

What Funkar/NYC10 Will Do for You:

• Give you Marketing support

• Invite thousands of our subscribers and followers to view your work virtually and host a Zoom interview between you and the audience

• Give you feedback report from audience and specially invited guests

• Give you an option to choose to review your work for an online publication

• Post-performance reception and interaction opportunity with the audience

What Funkar/ NYC10 Expects from You:

• A work within the agreed performance length of 10 minutes or less

• A cancellation fee of $50 for no-show and canceling after approval and acceptance

• Funkar/NYC10 will require at least one photo image for marketing purposes (JPEG, Tiff)

• You will be asked for a short write up about the artistic work for use in marketing efforts

• Photos or videos to share on NYC10's e-blasts and social media network

• Share our event with your network
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