Nominate a role-model for women and girls for The Hot Mommas Project

Case Competition: Nominees should be 18 years or older.

We are accepting nominees for the next judging cycle (We will be in touch with nominees when we have the calendar for launching the next round). Case writing can take place ANY TIME once a nomination is approved. Once an author publishes her work, it's made available for reading by women and girls around the world.

(Guy? Check "Cool Daddy" Box and write your story. We've been waiting for you...)

We will email timelines for the 2014/2015 cycle when established.

Hot Momma = Dynamic Woman. No kids required.</b>
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The Hot Mommas<sup>®</sup> Project is an nationally award-winning venture. Our research arm is housed at the George Washington University School of Business where our founder teaches Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership. We’ve been featured in Prentice Hall textbooks, the Washington Post, NPR and are the winner of a national Coleman Foundation case award.

What we do:
We are the world's largest women's case study library, free and online. Your nominee, by becoming a part of this library, will play an active role in increasing confidence. This is because our cutting edge curriculum measurably increases confidence and key success factors 66% in three hours, and 200% in a semester program.

How we do it:
First, we make women’s stories teachable using our “case wizard” at The Hot Mommas Project library is the first of its kind, providing scalable, global access to role models and virtual mentors that can be used by peer support groups, educators, trainers, and parents. Next, we channel these stories and other key teachings into our curriculum which is distributed to individuals and organizations through our digital classroom, seminars, and customized programs when organizations bring us in house.

Go to to learn more, see our recent press release, and browse our library of teachable stories (aka "cases"). Email us mailto: with questions.

Our Case Competition

How the case competition works: Nominate today using the form below. Approved nominees will receive their notification in via email from Please note: ONLY APPROVED NOMINEES CAN WRITE THEIR STORIES. They will then proceed:, using our “case wizard," “publish.” The author is part of our permanent case library, and joins what we call "The Sisterhood of Success" - women serving as mentors and role models for others around the world.

Nominees who do not publish by this deadline of the cycle in which they were nominated will be alerted of our next cycle.

Judging and Honors:

Winners for our will be judged and announced in the Spring at the end of each cycle, given badges and press kits to use all Spring and Summer, and honored at a live event in DC in the Fall at our Summit. Cases are judged by a panel with leaders from the business, arts, academic, and other communities. Winners each year are published in a Pearson Prentice Hall textbook honored in an awards ceremony in Washington, DC. Over the years, however, we've heard that many of our Hot Mommas participate simply to help other women and girls through their story.

What if the nominee isn't interested? Will she know I nominated her?:
Once a nominated woman gets a nomination notice she can click and write, wait until another cycle, or not participate. It is her choice. Your choosing her as an inspirational role model, however, is clear and you will be copied on the nomination notice. If you wish to remain anonymous, please note this in your nomination.

Is there writing assistance?:
Yes. Tutorials and step-by-step explanations are available on the site. (Writing support and group tutorials are listed at

TO DO: Nominate a dynamic woman 18 or older (yourself included) here.

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