Bridging the Gap Community Groups
With the rapid spread of COVID-19, Grace is taking an abundance of caution and has canceled worship and community gatherings until further notice. To ensure that we can find and be in community with one another in the weeks to come, Grace is seeking to bridge the gap with community groups that will covenant to get in touch with one another at least once a week.

The early Methodist movement began with weekly meetings where people would talk to respond to the question, "How is it with your soul?". Essentially they would say to each other, how are you, really? Through these communities of care, concern, and mutual support, the Methodist movement was born. At a time such as this, it is critical for us to reclaim this tradition as we seek to intentionally connect with one another.

Please fill out the form below so we can begin to organize community groups that will help us bridge the gap in the weeks to come. You will be connected with up to five or six persons that share your preferred style of communication. Discussion prompts may be provided, your group could also covenant to read the daily guide to prayer and study on the Grace website or Facebook page, but ultimately these groups are a way that we can connect and care for one another as we share what's on our hearts.
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