Nigerian Energy Survey
This survey collects information about Nigerians' energy use and needs. All submitted data will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.
Basic information
How old are you?
Which of the following applies to you?
Please check as many that apply.
Living situation
What state in Nigeria do you live in? *
Do you (or someone in your household e.g. your parents) own the house you live in?
How many individuals live in your household?
Count yourself, friends and family members.
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How many bedrooms are there in your house?
Your answer
On average, how many hours of electricity do you get from PHCN per day
On average, how much do you spend (in naira) monthly on your PHCN bill.
Leave blank if you have no PHCN connection.
Your answer
What generator size (in kVA) do you have?
If you don't own a generator, please leave blank. If you own more than one generator, enter information for the one you use most often. For some idea here, "I better pass my neighbour" generators are usually 0.6 - 0.9kVA.
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Do you share a generator with your neighbourhood/estate?
How many hours (on average) do you run your generator daily?
If you live in a neighbourhood/estate with a shared generator, please enter the number of hours the shared generator is run for.
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How much do you spend (in naira) on fueling your generator every week?
Leave blank if you do not have a generator.
Your answer
Which of these appliances do you run on your generator?
Enter any others in the text field named 'Other', separated by commas.
Other sources
Do you own an inverter?
How much are you willing to pay (in naira) monthly for a noiseless, reliable, 24-7 power source that carries 5 lights, 1 TV, 5 phones, 1 laptop and 1 fan at your current typical usage?
Your answer
How much are you willing to pay monthly (in naira) if the above power source carries your 1 fridge or freezer as well?
Your answer
Enter your email address if would you like to be contacted with information about the power source above.
Your answer
Which of the following do you think your landlord will let you install on the premises?
Feel free to check as many that apply. If you own the house you live in, which of the following will you be ok with installing on your premises?
Can you answer a few more questions?
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