Stop Poisoning Our Communities, We Demand Zero Waste!
We are calling upon our Baltimore City and Baltimore County Officials to stop putting the needs of the trash burning incineration industry ahead of our health, ahead of the economic development of our communities, and ahead of our environment. Baltimore City Board of Estimates, do not give $100 million dollars and 10 years of our lives to support the aging BRESCO incinerator. Instead, we call upon City and County leadership to work together to invest in regional Zero Waste infrastructure to create thousands of new jobs through proven composting, recycling and re-use systems.

Turning a blind eye while Black and poor residents lose their lives to the everyday violence of toxic air pollution is criminal and will not stand. Officials have known for over 3 years that the BRESCO incinerator causes at least $55 million in health damages. Baltimore officials have known that BRESCO is among the worst greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters in the City and yet requested that the incinerator be omitted from the City's GHG inventory. We must create the system of accountability and transparency that our city leaders are unable to create for themselves.

Start now by signing on to this collective call to Baltimore Mayor Jack Young, City Council President Brandon Scott, and County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. to immediately end their public support for Baltimore's worst air polluter, the BRESCO incinerator.
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