Bloomington Sanitation Cart Selection
Using the form below, please identify which carts you would like to receive for your City sanitation services. Your response is needed on or before June 18, 2017. If you choose not to respond, you will be given a 64 gallon cart for both solid waste and recycling services. Please consider the following when making your selection.

- Weekly Solid Waste pickup will be provided
- Weekly Recycling pickup will be provided
- Each household will be given TWO new waste carts: one for Solid Waste and one for Recycling
- Your monthly sanitation fee is based on the Solid Waste cart you choose
- There is no charge for your Recycling cart, regardless of what size you choose
- Heavier waste weeks (i.e. Holidays) may require more volume
- Cart lids must be completely closed in order to receive pickup

Please verify the delivery address to ensure your cart selection goes to the correct household.

For questions, please contact the Sanitation Division at 812.349.3443 or

Select Your Cart Size
Please place a checkmark next to the cart size you would like to receive for both Recycling AND Solid Waste service.
Cart Size Options
Cart Size Dimensions (width/depth/height)
96 gallon: (26" wide/34.5" deep/46" high)
64 gallon: (24" wide/27" deep/41.5" high)
35 gallon: (19"wide/23.75"deep/37.5" high)
Solid Waste Cart
Recycling Cart
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Delivery Address
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