Ellerslie Community League Needs Assessment
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The information will be collected to make decisions for future endeavours for the Ellerslie Community League (ECL).

If you have any questions please email: vp@ellersliecommunityleague.com

Which neighbourhood do you live in, within Ellerslie? (91st to 34st, Henday to Ellerslie Rd.) *
Do you have a current ECL membership? *
How many people live in your home? *
Which age groups do the members of your household fit in? Select all that apply *
What type of program would you like to see offered to the community? Please check up to 5 that are most important to you. *
Which ECL activities have you participated in within the last 2 years? *
Which Recreational Facilities would you like to see built within the ECL? *
If the ECL were to build a facility, at which location would you prefer it to be at? *
Are you willing to be on the committee to develop recreational facilities in the ECL? *
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