Divine Survivor Candles: Share Your Story
We aim to cultivate a space that protects survivors, disrupts r*pe culture, and allows survivors to be in the driver’s seat of their advocacy and recovery. We give survivors the opportunity to control the narrative that is often stolen from them to allow for collective healing and growth. Ready to share your story and have a candle dedicated to you? Fill out this form so we can connect and see how we can best honor you.
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What do you want your candle to be named? You can use your own name. *
We do not ask you your name to provide you with anonymity, if you'd like. If you have been victimized more than once, I am sorry this was done to you. If you would like to make more than one submission, please make note of that and we can make a series for you to bring awareness to revictimization trends. Through your story we can bring to light victimization and revictimization and disrupt the stigma placed on survivors of sexual violence.
Is this your real name/nickname?
What is the best way to contact you? *
What is your contact info? *
We guarantee no one other than Guissella E. Cruz Rodriguez (@cellaecruz) will have access to this information. We promise to provide you with confidentiality.
What is the first name of your abuser? (Or the name they go by). First name only please. *
We ask so we know what name to NOT use to ensure your and our safety.
I am sorry you experienced what was done to you. We want to give you a platform to share your story in a safe space if you would like to do so. This is to bring awareness to different forms of sexual violence and disrupt typical narratives of SA. Our goal is to disrupt rape culture and teach people how to talk about sexual violence. Sharing and not sharing your story does not invalidate your experience. Your story is your own. *
We believe you, this is not something where you have to defend yourself or defend your experience.  You can share as little and as much as you want. This does not have to be an account of what was done to you. It can be anything you want to share: the aftermath, what you thought before/during/after, mental health struggles, or even the impact it had on you. This is meant to be a platform for you to share anything you would like. 
We will revise this and send it back to you before publishing it on our website. We will condense your story to ideally 110 words but can go as long as 175 words. We will not share your story without your approval. After you approve your story, we will give you 2-4 weeks (whichever you choose) to be sure you feel comfortable sharing your story. It is okay to need more time before publishing your story and we are happy to accommodate you to ensure you feel comfortable. It is okay to change your mind and we will delete your story when you ask us to.
How much time would you like us to wait before publishing your candle?
How much time would you like before we publish your story on our site? *
What scent do you want your candle to be? *
We will do our best to match this scent and will get back to you on the scent we think would be best fit with your vision.

To ensure your anonymity, Divine will choose the shade of your candle based on the scent chosen.
What kind of mold do you want your candle to be? *
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