Virtual Fitness Inquiry Form
This form will collect basic health screening information about you to help us guide you to an appropriate program. It includes a registration, pre-screening and liability waiver. We will contact you in person by phone or email to take next steps.
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Participant Activity Readiness Pre-Screening:
Please note that these questions are very general and we do not require details at this stage. If you have answered YES to one or more of the questions below, we will contact you for more details. In some cases you may need to get medical clearance to take part in this exercise program. The information will not be shared with anyone.
 Please answer either YES or NO to  the following *
Has your doctor told you that you have a heart condition?
Do you have high blood pressure ?
Do you get chest pain at rest, daily activity OR exercise ?
Do you suffer from dizziness (except when caused by overexertion) ?
Have you been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition ?
Do you have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by exercise ?
Has your doctor told you that you should only participate in medically supervised physical activity
Risk and Liabilility Waiver
Upon acceptance into this program a more detailed Health Screening and Liability Waiver will be sent to you.
As a participant in this program please be aware that it is your responsibility to provide the following: *
I have a safe space to workout in approx 10' x 10'
I will ensure that I have enough space above head
I will check that any equipment I use is safe, stable and secure
It is my responsibility to select appropriate footwear
It is my responsibility to hydrate as needed
Participating while unwell or with minor injury is not recommended, however I understand that it is my choice and I will listen to my body and adjust the intensity accordingly
I understand that I will not be receiving individual coaching during this class
I will request a coaching session if I require individual help regarding correct form if I am unsure
Exercising and moving your body should not be painful! If I experience discomfort I will message for help
I have adequate connection to the internet
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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