Personal Locator Beacon Hire Agreement

Otago Section of the NZ Alpine Club has two Personal Locator Beacons for hire. Hire to NZAC members is free and for non members the cost is $5 per day. By completing this form the Hirer agrees to the conditions of hire detailed below.

Loss or Damage
The Hirer assumes all risks of loss or damage to the beacon from any cause, and agrees to return it to the Alpine Club in the condition received from the Alpine Club.

If the Beacon is damaged or lost, the Alpine Club shall have the option of requiring the Hirer to repair the beacon to a state of good working order or pay the replacement cost. If the beacon is activated it will require its battery to be replaced. The Hirer shall pay the cost of the battery replacement.

Search and Rescue Costs
The hirer is responsible for any costs incurred due to the activation of the emergency locator beacon.

Failure to Perform
The Alpine Club will not be held responsible for any failure of the beacon for any reason.

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