Mile High Fusion Violations Form
This form is meant for organizing scenes or concerned parties to voice their issues of people who have violated Safer Space policies in other dances. Please complete this form at your convenience. If it is submitted by our Petition Review Deadline (May 1, 2018), we will be able to review this information in advance of our August 3-5 event. If you need to provide us more information outside of this form, please email
Email address *
What is your name? *
What is your phone number? *
Where is your home dance scene? *
What event or event(s) are you writing in reference to? Please provide dates. *
Are you authorized to report officially on behalf of the event above? *
Who is the person you are reporting? Please provide their name and all contact information you have for them including their phone, email address, their location and dance scenes frequented. *
What is your relationship to the person you are reporting? *
Who else was involved in the situation? Please provide their name and contact information (if they consent) and their relationship to the situation.
Was the person accused banned or otherwise restricted from a dance scene? If so, which? *
What were the reason(s) the accused was banned from the event(s)? Do we have consent to talk to the people in the dance scene who decided upon this ban? If so, what is their contact information? *
Anything else we should know about this person and their violations? *
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