Judge Contract 2019
This is a contract required to become a judge for MIST Columbus: March 22nd or the 23rd, 2019. Details about the Judges training coming soon!

For full list and description of competitions: www.mistcolumbus.com/competitions-list
Contact us at mistcolumbus@gmail.com for any questions!

*NOTE: If you are a judge for this year, you CANNOT be a volunteer.
Only exception: If you are judging on one of the days (Friday 22nd or Saturday 23rd), you can volunteer on the other day!

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The following 3 questions will ask you to select your first, second and third choice of competitions you would be interested in judging.
More information about all competitions can be found in the rulebook here mistcolumbus.com/rulebook
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What are your credentials for judging these particular competitions? (Note: You are not guaranteed the competition you select, but we will take your preferences and Past MIST experience into account) *
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I am free on Friday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, and can commit to participating in judging those days. *
I understand that as a judge, I will have to be trained before the competition at a separate judge's training session held approximately a month in advance. *
I understand that as a judge, even if I am personally familiar with a contestant, I will not subject them to bias or familiar treatment. *
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