Voxxed Days Vienna 2015 - Call 4 Papers
Conference date and place: Vienna, Austria, 6th February 2015.
Expected participation: 300-400 participants

Call 4 papers open: 12th November 2014
Call 4 papers close: 12th December 2014.

Speakers selection end: 31st December 2014
Speakers confirmations end: 15th January 2014
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We are doing our best to reimburse flight and accommodation. However our ability is limited. So, if you feel that free conference ticket is enough to join us as a speaker, or do you have company that ca cover your travel expenses, please let us know. We will for sure have to manage carefully expenses, so any help from your side will be greatly appreciated. At the same time we will do our best to reimburse as many speakers' expenses as possible.
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