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AI Consulting (Therapy Program )
The goal of our cognitive therapy is to help you achieve mental health wellness. Our private and group sessions aid clients with CBT and HRP tools to solve real-life behavior needs.

Our therapists plan treatment on the basis of a cognitive formulation of the patients’ disorders and difficulties. A progressive framework is used to understand how life events and experiences led to the development of core beliefs, underlying assumptions, and coping strategies, particularly in clients with personality disorders.

A strong therapeutic synergy is a key feature of our cognitive therapy.

Our therapists/ trainers are highly collaborative and function as a team with patients. They provide rationales and seek patient's’ agreement when undertaking interventions. They make mutual decisions about how time will be spent in a session, which problems will be discussed, and which homework assignments patients believe will be helpful. Ultimately engaging patients in a process to investigate the validity of the patient’s thoughts and beliefs.


Confidentiality is our foremost principle and therefore whatever our client reveal is kept in strict confidence and all information shared during session are considered privileged information and confidential.

Both client and therapist are committed to being on time for sessions. Without honesty, the value of the sessions will be seriously affected in a negative way. Both therapist and client are are required to be honest about all matters

The client shares what he/she wants to share and is under no obligation to share. In other words, the client always holds the right to not share information.

The therapist is to evaluate the client's cooperation repeatedly with the client during the intervention and reserves the right to terminate session when client breaches the terms of contract.

The duration of therapy is unique to individual recovery pace and clients are strongly advised to comply with routine exercise and assessment.

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